How do I join Southwest Credit Union?

How do I join Southwest Credit Union?

Southwest Airlines Federal Credit Union’s Field of Membership is a common bond of people. There are two ways to become a member through your employer or through a family member. Retaining membership is just as easy: Simply keep a Membership Savings Account open with a minimum balance of $5.

Does Southwest Airlines have a credit union?

Southwest Airlines Federal Credit Union operates as a financial cooperative. The Union provides financial solutions such as loans, investment, savings, credit and debit cards, online banking, and other related services.

Can anyone join American Airlines Credit Union?

American Airlines started more than 80 years ago, when a small group of American Airlines employees formed a financial institution dedicated to helping their colleagues. Today, American Airlines Credit Union is open to anyone working in the Air Transportation Industry and their families.

Does United Airlines have a credit union?

As the nation’s 7th largest credit union, United Airlines Employees’ Credit Union, provides financial services and planning to nearly 260,000 members. With over $7.0 billion in assets, the credit union competes against the largest banks for members and affiliates.

Which is the largest credit union in us?

Largest U.S. Credit Unions by Assets

Rank Credit Union Total assets
2 STATE EMPLOYEES’ 42,845,127,139
3 PENTAGON 25,108,795,493
4 BOEING EMPLOYEES 22,708,789,873

Who qualifies for Alliant Credit Union?

You are eligible to join Alliant if you: Are a current or retired employee from one of the many businesses and organizations Alliant partners with in the U.S. Are a domestic partner or immediate family member of a current Alliant member. Live or work in one of the communities near our Corporate Headquarters in Chicago.