How do I get meta Legend of Legaia?

How do I get meta Legend of Legaia?

When obtaining the power of Meta (after defeating Songi (Part 3) at the Seru-kai), you can use the move called Inferno. The power of Meta can be found at the Genesis Tree in Sol. Upon obtaining Meta, it says the following dialog: “Thank you. Thanks to Vahn, and the people of Rim Elm, the Genesis Tree has been revived.

How to get point card in Legend of Legaia?

Legend of Legaia The Point Card is found in the second floor drawer of the shop located in Rim Elm. The drawer is locked at first but will unlock as soon as Vahn has stepped onto the world map. However, it will only be available before Juggernaut consumes Rim Elm (at the end of the game).

How do you get Miracle Art in Legend of Legaia?

Miracle Arts are a type of Art found only in Legend of Legaia. They are the ultimate Arts and are three in total – one for each party member. Miracle Arts cost 99AP and require 9 Art blocks to execute. They consist of a string of normal Arts followed by a Hyper Art (or a variation of a Hyper Art in Noa’s case).

How do you make Soru bread?

Soru Bread sells in the Sol Bakery for 6,000G a piece so the heroes must either spend a fortune or Vahn must compete in the Muscle Dome and purchase Soru Bread from the prize counter, a much better deal.

What does Vahn Meta mean?

Ixis (Childhood friend and rival) Mei (Childhood friend) Meta (Friend and ally) Nene (Little sister)

How do you defeat ZETO in Legend of Legaia?

Every time Zeto casts Big Wave on the party, having one person use a Healing Bloom will completely recover all damage received. Just attack with everyone consistently and Spirit with everyone after Call Wave and the battle will be over before long.

Where do I use the Platinum card in Legend of Legaia?

Once Drake Castle is freed, the Platinum Card can be found in the room where King Drake is originally locked up. Pressing X at the hole on the wall in the upper lefthand corner will earn you the Platinum Card.

Who owns the rights to Legend of Legaia?

Sony Computer Entertainment

Legend of Legaia
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Director(s) Kazuhiro Kobayashi
Producer(s) Takahiro Kaneko
Designer(s) Natsumi Arisawa

How do you get earth egg in Legend of Legaia?

Earth Egg (地の聖獣卵, chi no ra・seru tamago, lit….Legend of Legaia.

Earth Egg
Description 2 An Earth Ra-Seru egg. Looks like a jewel.
Effect Increase defense against Earth powers.
Obtain From Sol Tower
Cost 100,000 COIN

How do I get the war god icon in Legend of Legaia?

The War God Icon in Sol Tower is given as a prize for winning the Master Course. However, it must be done after defeating Jette in the Absolute Fortress, otherwise the accessory will not show up in the inventory.

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