How do I find an address in China?

How do I find an address in China?

  1. Go to the China Yellow Pages (see Resources) and complete the form with as much information as you have about the business for which you are searching.
  2. Visit China Telecom’s Yellow Pages website (see Resources).
  3. Use a search engine to look up the address of the place for which you are looking.

How do I check if an address is valid?

The easiest option is to use a USPS® address validation tool to search for the address you need to verify. Experian’s free USPS® address lookup tool lets you see if an address is valid right from your browser.

Do China addresses have zip codes?

Zip code (postal code) is used when mailing a letter. The zip code of China is 6 digital numbers. Note that there is no zip code in Hong Kong and Macau.

Do Chinese addresses have zip codes?

Chinese Addresses are written starting with the postal code, followed by the largest administrative region (for example, province), and continue down to the smallest unit (for example, room number and mail receiver).

How long does it take for a new address to be recognized?

How long does it take for a new address to be recognized? In general, a change of address takes seven to 10 business days from the date that you initially registered the change for your home or company.

Why is my new address not recognized?

That address will be labeled as “invalid.” Some of the most common reasons that may happen, is due to a vacant address, or simply a new address or unregistered address and even one that is located in a postal area that is primarily serviced by PO Boxes.

What’s the area code for China?

China/Dialing codes

What is China’s postal code?

City Area code Postal code
Beijing 010 100000
Shanghai 021 200000
Tianjin 022 300000
Chongqing 023 630000

How do Chinese postal codes work?

China Post uses a six-digit all-numerical system with four tiers: the first tier, composed of the first two digits, show the province, province-equivalent municipality, or autonomous region; the second tier, composed of the third digit, shows the postal zone within the province, municipality or autonomous region; the …