How do I create a discussion forum using PHP and MySQL?

How do I create a discussion forum using PHP and MySQL?

php: A class contains methods related to posts.

  1. Step1: Create MySQL Database Table.
  2. Step2: Category Listing.
  3. Step3: Topics Listing.
  4. Step4: Posts Listing.
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How do you make a forum website from scratch?

How to Make a Forum Website Like Reddit in 8 Simple Steps

  1. Choose the Right CMS for Your Forum.
  2. Get Web Hosting & Your Domain Name.
  3. Select a Forum Theme.
  4. Install a Forum Plugin.
  5. Update Your Forum’s Settings.
  6. Create Your Forum Page.
  7. Customize Your WordPress Site.
  8. Publish Your Forum.

How do you make a discussion forum on scratch?

Go back to the main page, and scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Discussion Forums”. “Discussion Forums” is underneath the “Community” section. Click the name of the forum you would like to enter. Make sure it’s the subject you want to post a topic on.

What is a BB code in a forum?

Bulletin Board code (BBCode) is a lightweight markup language designed to let users format the text of their messages. It is used in many forums on the web, not just on websites created with Kentico. BBCode tags are similar to HTML tags and are entered in square brackets.

Which is the best tool for PHP development?

Here are the top 10 best PHP development tools that captured the attention of web development communities.

  1. PHPStorm.
  2. Zend Studio.
  3. NuSphere PhpED.
  4. Netbeans.
  5. Cloud 9.
  6. Aptana Studio.
  7. CodeLobster.
  8. Sublime Text.

How do you create a forum on Google sites?

Click Insert > Google Group. Add the group address to Google Group URL field….

  1. Go to Google Groups.
  2. Near the top left corner, click Create group.
  3. Describe the group.
  4. Choose the type of group you want to create.
  5. Choose who can join, post, and see topics in your group.
  6. Near the top left corner, Click Create group button.

How do I make a Google forum?

Creating a Gmail Forum

  1. Step 1: Visit the Google Groups website on your browser.
  2. Step 2: Tap the Create button.
  3. Step 3: Type in the name you want the Forum to be called into the box labeled Group name.
  4. Step 4: Type in some details about the group/forum into the Group description box.

Can you create a discussion forum in PHP?

The registered members can create own discussion topics or can participate in existing discussions. The guest members also allowed to create and participate in discussions. So let’s start developing discussion forum system with PHP and MySQL. The major files are:

How to configure PHP and MySQL on my computer?

Configure PHP and MySQL by making sure they are downloaded and you can navigate to their file location on your computer. Open command prompt and navigate to your mysql directory and type “mysqladmin -u root -p password.” This command will ask for your password and for you to enter it again.

How to add a message to a database in PHP?

Connect to the “message” database in a php file name “db.php”. Create the input field for the author’s name and text area for the message. Validate the data before inserting it into the database. If everything is fine, insert the message, name of author, date and time the post was posted.

What should the header.php be for a forum?

The header.php contains a doctype, a link to the stylesheet and some important information about the forum, such as the title tag and metatags.