How do I check my CPU on AIX?

How do I check my CPU on AIX?


  1. show processor multithreading capacibility, number of processor, and how many “core” they have. run smtctl below without any options with ROOT user. $ smtctl.
  2. show processor model and their clockspeed. $ lsconf|grep Processor.
  3. show processor clock speed. $ pmcycles -m.
  4. show processor related to your lpar.

What is logical CPU in AIX?

Logical Processors (LP) are created automatically by AIX, depending on the SMT setting. ———————— SMT (Simultaneous multithreading) SMT permits multiple independent threads to be executed on a CPU core to better utilize its resources. IBM Power processors supports SMT technology since Power 5 (SMT2).

What is entitled CPU in AIX?

Once a micro partition is activated, processing capacity is usually referred to as entitled capacity. This entitled capacity is reserved for that partition when it is started. The total entitled capacity of all the partitions configured on the system can never exceed the number of processors in that system.

What is SMT in AIX?

The simultaneous multithreading mode allows processors to have thread level parallelism at the instruction level. Each individual Simultaneous Multi-threading (SMT) thread of a physical processor core is treated as an independent logical processor by AIX®.

What is CPU folding in AIX?

This is the default processor folding policy setting on AIX™ and all partitions types dedicated and shared partitions. The unneeded processors for the current workload will be folded away so they will be accessed by other partitions that might need them for their workload.

What is capped and uncapped in AIX?

Capped mode doesn’t allow the partition to exceed the assigned entitled capacity even if there are free resources in the processor pool. Uncapped mode will let the logical partition to get more processing units if needed if enough resources were available.