Does Sawako kiss shouta?

Does Sawako kiss shouta?

Shota admits how he could never hate Sawako no matter what, and truly cares about her. However, after they tried kissing but got interrupted, they have become a bit awkward around one another. Eventually, in a later chapter, they do kiss four times and some of the tension is gone.

Does Sawako confess to kazehaya?

When the three of them fool around and say that Kazehaya and Kento are both going after Sawako, Kazehaya finally cracks and confesses his love to Sawako. Sawako takes the confession as a misunderstanding and tells Kazehaya that if he says it that way, people will get the wrong idea.

Does Ryu have a crush on Sawako?

Ryu has stated more than once that he likes Sawako, but not in a romantic sense. Similarly, Sawako has stated that she also likes Ryu, but sees him as a fellow classmate rather than a romantic interest.

Do they kiss in Kimi ni Todoke anime?

No, there’s no kiss scene in Kimi ni Todoke, however there is a hug scene, but that’s at the end of Season 2.

What episode do they confess in Kimi ni Todoke?

Confession is the 9th episode of the series Kimi ni Todoke Season 2.

How old is Toru in Kimi ni Todoke?

Although he is Ryu’s brother and they resemble one another, their personalities are nearly opposite. He lives three hours away from his parents’ house and returns home to get married. He cares about Ryu and Chizuru a lot and loves Chizuru like a little sister….Toru Sanada.

Tōru Sanada
Voiced by Wataru Hatano

How old is pin in Kimi ni Todoke?

Pin is a flirtatious guy, but is always rejected while “girl-hunting” due to his personality and hairstyle. Though around 24 years old at the start and 27 by the end of the series, he remains single the entire time. His own romantic standards, however, are quite high.

Is there a love rival in Kimi ni Todoke?

Kento Miura (三浦 健人 Miura Kento) is a character in the series Kimi ni Todoke. When Sawako befriends Miura, Kazehaya becomes jealous of him as a potential rival for Sawako.

Do chizu and Ryu end up together?

Chizu-Chan and Ryu finally are together! Chizuru realized her feelings for Ryu were greater than she thought.