Can you swim in Burleigh Falls?

Can you swim in Burleigh Falls?

You can get right up to the falls and take a dip inside, it’s obviously dangerous due to strong currents, but there is a much calmer area further down stream by the small dirt parking lot, you can swim over to a small rock outcropping or just wade in the calm pools.

Is Burleigh Falls open now?

Crown land in Burleigh Falls will once again be closed amid Ontario’s stay-at-home order.

Where is Sturgeon Point beach?

Sturgeon Lake
Found on the shore of Sturgeon Lake, Sturgeon Point Beach is a grassy spot on the water, equipped with a regular dock as well as a jumping dock. Stugeon lake is a 27 Kilometre, fresh water lake, connected on either side to Cameron lake and Pigeon Lake.

Is chemong lake good for swimming?

Only five miles from the major city of Peterborough, Chemong Lake receives many visitors from the surrounding area throughout the year. Many head to the beach offered at the Selwyn Beach Conservation Area. Here, visitors enjoy picnicking, swimming, horseshoes and badminton.

How do I get to Healey Falls?

The falls can be accessed from a small dirt road along Route 50 on the north side of the river. The road leads to a small turn around and parking area next to the falls. There is much better signage for the Healey Falls locks on the south side of the river, but you cannot see the falls at all from the locks.

What municipality is bobcaygeon in?

Kawartha Lakes

Province Ontario
Municipality Kawartha Lakes
Incorporated 1876
Amalgamated 2000

Can you swim in Sturgeon Lake?

Swimming – Sturgeon Lake warms up quickly and the swimming is great if you have limestone-bottomed waterfront. There are also a few sandbars along the northern shores of the lake that are popular with swimmers.

Can you boat from Burnt River to Cameron Lake?

It becomes a quite substantial and deep river as it flows south and empties into the northern end of Cameron lake. There are a few sets of rapids on the river between Kinmount and the village of Burnt River, after which the river becomes navigable by boat to its outlet at Cameron Lake.

Where is Sturgeon Point Beach?

Is chemong Lake weedy?

Lloyd Moore, owner of Angler’s Retreat on Rice Lake, says that Chemong Lake’s shallow, weedy areas provide excellent fish cover and also ramp up the nutrient level in the lake.

Can you swim at Healey Falls?

“Hard to find, but worth it!!!” Very fun, we went for a swim at the bottom, bring water shoes, the rocks aren’t sharp, just slimy.

What county is Trent Hills in?

Northumberland County
The Municipality of Trent Hills is located in the north-east corner of Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada.