Brands That Saw a Boost in Sales By Changing Photography Techniques

Brands That Saw a Boost in Sales By Changing Photography Techniques

Content can never be underestimated. You can attest to the fact that top-quality content is the reason behind you connecting with several brands. Through social media posts, you have been able to interact with brands that you have never heard of before. Photography has had a very significant role to play in content development and marketing. Most brands today owe their success to content marketing, more so, photography.

Interactive 3d has just changed the whole online shopping experience for the users. People can simply try out different colors etc… and making a choice becomes a lot easier. This not only is good for the user experience but the seller has to face limited or no hassle, less returns and more peace of mind. In short a great revolution in the online shopping world has totally been possible because of the interactive photography techniques.

The internet hosts millions of posts. You must be wondering how it is possible that brands are boosting their sales through photography. The following brands are living testimony. They have been able to increase their sales through photography as part of content marketing.

1. Airbnb

Do you know the direction that Airbnb first looked when it was about to strike the market? Social media. It worked. Airbnb realized that the industry being hospitality and travel, nothing would work better than showing potential customers the experiences that their existing customers had. The brand uses Instagram to post photos of customers in different destinations enjoying their services. As a result, Airbnb has managed to entice their audiences, which has consequently boosted its sales.

Alongside working with renowned celebrities like Lady Gaga, Airbnb can attribute its success to social media, and precisely photography.


ASOS is a British online fashion and cosmetics retailer. Just like Airbnb, it can owe its success to content marketing and primarily photography. As you may well be aware, fashion is all about eye appeal. The brand knows just how to trigger interest from the people. Through photography, it has been able to showcase its products with the help of the platforms and influencers.

How exactly does this work? ASOS has hired several influencers who are tasked with posting fresh content daily featuring outfits and style. Through the posts, ASOS can showcase its products. This has proved to be successful in reaching to the trendy audience who can click on the images and make their purchase. Also, on the posts, the brand allows the customers to interact with other fashion-centric followers, which further creates brand awareness and builds the authority of the brand.

3. Keds

This is a brand for canvas shoes that have rubber soles. It is more popular with teenage girls. That should tell you something already: these are millennials. Millennials want something that is appealing to the eye, and also they tend to be fond of social media platforms like Instagram. Instagram heavily banks on images. The brand has put that into consideration and invested in photography to provide content for its audience.

The brand’s style in marketing involves posting images with inspirational captions. More so, the photos feature celebrities like Tylor Swift. Social media platforms are not the only place that Keds has set camp. The brand has seen to it that their posts are available even in the subways. These marketing efforts have benefited the brand. It goes further ahead and engages their customers by allowing them to post their photos wearing Keds. The brand is also benefiting from the customer’s photography and visual content.

4. GoPro

If you are a passionate photographer, this is a brand that you have probably come across at some point. It is a famous camera brand that also has been able to boost its sales through content marketing. As it may be expected, the content constitutes of videos of customer’s experiences and the images that they have been able to capture using the cameras. The brand knows that there is no better way of showcasing their product than showing the audience exactly what it can do.

Photography has improved sales for thousands of brands. Whether a website is about gift ideas for someone sitting far away, selling clothes or showcasing real estate, the user’s buying decision is totally influenced by what they are able to see on the website. Therefore, photography is a key metric every business should focus on improving and no one should ignore the fact.